Welcome to Eirny’s Artisan Jewelry – The Treasury

It started with silver artisan jewelry

This site is the creative vision of Eirny (Irene Davis), a glass and metal artist, living in Northern Arizona. Her current passion is for metal combined with other media. She uses stone, bone, wood, lampwork beads, and glass sculpture to create unique artisan jewelry. Eirny began her exploration of artistic creation making southwestern indian-style jewelry, working as a photographer, writer, and creator of handmade artisan jewelry of all forms.

Handmade glass beads

Handmade glass beads as part of handmade jewelry became her focus, leading to recognition as a multimedia artist. She is an internationally known expert in historic recreations of archaeological artifacts. Each of her historic pieces is painstakingly researched to assure the correct look and feel. Eirny specializes in historic metal and  glass reproduction jewelry, including Thor’s Hammers, Odin pendants, handmade glass beads – especially Viking beads, Viking Valkeries, ancient amulets, one-of-a-kind handmade glass goddess pendants, Roman glass good luck charms, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and other dress accessories.

Irene Davis (Eirny) has devoted the last dozen years to producing  hand crafted  jewelry, handmade glass beads, and historic clothing accessories.

Eirny’s jewelry and accessories are focused into two main categories:

  • reproductions of pre-1600 clothing accessories and jewelry, and
  • modern art jewelry

Eirny Says

“Now what do I mean by ‘modern’? Why post 1600’s of course! You see one of the complexities of my life is belonging to the Society for Creative Anachronism. This non-profit, educational organization focuses on the reenactment of day to day life prior to 1600 AD.”



Eirny carefully hand constructs every piece of jewelry choosing appropriate materials for each piece. When part of jewelry, handmade glass beads of her own production, are used in her art to ensure the most faithful recreations of historic jewelry, and the highest quality in her modern jewelry. Eirny hand makes her art and jewelry objects using the right techniques: casting silver and bronze; intaglio carving; additive metal soldering; pierce work; wire wrapping; chain making; chasing; repousse; metal folding; sand casting; lost wax casting, and hundreds of other specialized skills and materials.

Expert in artisan jewelry

Irene Davis is an accomplished traditional jeweler and glass worker, with specialized skills in ancient bead making, bead forms, glass buttons, and specialized glass sculpture. She is also a teacher of specialized skills such as handmade glass beads and artist-created metal forms employing a wide variety of techniques.

(c) Irene Davis, 2003-2014