Follow-up on The Leather Purse with Metal Frame – pt 2

bottom frame

A shot showing the shape of the bottom of the purse frame and how the leather bag portion of the purse was sewn on. You can see the stitching around the frame and the line of stitching down the back of the purse.



The bottom of the leather purse bag, showing the bottom “inset” as well as the flat lap seam which lays against the wearer when the purse is in use.

bottom of purse

A close up of the toggle and exactly where it goes through the leather of the purse in leather togglerelation to the bottom half of the purse frame. This form of leather toggle is definitely period. I saw exactly the same type of toggle used on Viking Age Anglo Saxon ankle boots in the Museum of London. (And yes, I left nose prints on the glass figuring out exactly how they were made!)


A picture of the purse, laid out completely, from the back side. The leather bag is not cut perfectly symmetrically, but it looks good and hangs straight when it is on.

purse from the back

The next picture is a close-up of the support loops that go onto a belt, the metal support close loops and pivotloops that are soldered to the purse frame and the pivot mechanism. The leather loops have two rows of stitching to hold them closed and would normally have this seam rotated against the wearer’s body. On period frames the metal loops that attach to the purse frame would have been cast in one piece with the frame itself.


I hope these pictures help to make the previous Leather Purse with Metal Frame blog pages more useful! About a year after I made this purse I switched from using a belt pouch to carrying an over the shoulder bag, which allowed me to carry more craft projects with me. Due to my current position as an SCA Landed Baroness, I am once again considering switching back to a belt pouch. I need to have room for a smart phone, cards, a small notebook and a pen, and lip balm. So stay tuned to see what sort of new purse I decide on – something a little smaller I think with a cast frame! Enjoy!


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